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After manufacturing America's armaments for nearly 200 years, the Watertown Arsenal has been redeveloped into a commercial real estate complex. The Arsenal has been renovated and technologically prepared to meet the current and future demands of today's tenants. If you are looking for real estate in the greater Boston area, The Arsenal in Watertown offers prime office space minutes from downtown Boston and Harvard square.

Keeping with its tradition of innovation, The Arsenal has been designed as a high-tech environment. Every building is wired with fiber optic cables. Each building is equipped with fire protection, insulated windows and roofing systems, and robust electrical service.

In addition to its scenic grounds and historic buildings, The Arsenal provides numerous conveniences and activities for its tenants.


Now designated as a historic district, in 1816 the Watertown Arsenal began manufacturing cannons to arm U.S. Navy ships. For the Union armies of the Civil War, the Arsenal produced thousands of field artillery, siege guns, gun carriages and ammunition.

The largest buildings on the site - including the colossal 377,000 square foot Artillery Hall, now 311 Arsenal Street - produced weaponry that brought victory to the Allied Armies in two World Wars. Constantly innovative over the years, The Arsenal pioneered new techniques in metallurgy and armaments.